Who is Vistaplus?
What can we do?

Vistaplus is a leading company for outdoor digital signage, who can provide total solution for LED signage, LCD signage, control system and content design.

Vistaplus which was founded in 2010 is a leading company dedicated to the innovation and developing of the better products of DOOH (Digital Out of Home). In order to keep businesses at the forefront of digital transformation, we leverage cutting-edge digital technologies by R&D, design, manufacture, integration, and providing solutions.  

With years’ experience and deep expertise in LCD Kiosks and LED Displays, together with our partners, Vistaplus is focusing on LCD Kiosks, LED Displays, and the IOT based Device Management & Control.
We sincerely empower our customers’ businesses in OOH industry by our well designed and made hardware, software, and solutions.  

Powered by digital technology, OOH Industry has grown at an impressive speed and moved into a new era. Much of the growth is being driven by dynamic DOOH. DOOH allows incredible flexibility and has the strong powerful impact on your business.  

With our partners and customers, we will be Evolving Together in the trends of digital transformation.
Our Work
LCD Modules
& LCD Kiosks

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We design, engineer, integrate, manufacture and supply LCD Module and LCD Kiosks. We put the heat management at the core of consideration and system engineering design.

(Device Remote Monitoring
& Control - An IOT Solution
for the Digital Signage)

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To meet the strong demands from OOH Industry, we've developed the fantastic system for the much effective management of the edge Digital Signage. It's a cloud based device Monitoring & Control system which includes the Hardware of MCU/Power Board/Fan Board and the Software of Firmware and the Platform. This is ideal and what the OOH Industry really need.

LED Displays

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We design, propose, and supply the LED Displays to best suit to the customer's projects. Vistaplus' LED Displays feature light weight, high brightness, easy installation, easy maintenance, and saving the total costs.

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Our Factory


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Alex Rodriguez

CEO, Co-founder

Eleonore Rundottir


Gerald Mueller


Kolby Huel


Laney Corker


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Marcus Sparks

CFO, Co-founder

Marlon Schumm


Myles Jordan


Raven Jerde

CCO, Co-founder

Roma Bins


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